Hi there, glad you came to have a look on my website! 
I’m a visual artist based in Haarlem. In 2015, I graduated from the Studio Art program at Minerva Art Academy. Ever since, I have been working on my own projects and commission-based work. 
I was raised on a farm in the countryside of Drenthe, the Netherlands. My childhood over there has been the biggest source of inspiration to this day. The world is full of magical moments and places which can intrigue me endlessly. A forest, for example, is full of life and growth, in complete harmony yet so own-minded, which makes it one of my biggest sources of inspiration. It comes and goes intuitively. The same goes for my creative process. When I am creating, I step into my own little world and forget everything around me. My intuition takes over and my head follows the lead of my hands instead of the other way around.
To me, creating an altered version of reality by endlessly shaping and perfecting it is what art is all about. In retrospect, I notice that I’ve always felt the need to leave a place better than I found it. From the little things like constantly organising the dressers in my bedroom to wanting to make the world a better place. I think that I took the words "to make a world of difference" quite literally, and frankly, I still do. 
The same goes for when social coherence is out of balance. I find myself being the mediator until the dust has settled. But the world spins too fast for all the changes I want to make. So, to get a grip on all the things I can’t control in everyday life, I find myself endlessly tidying and reorganising everything around me. That’s where art comes in like a drug that organizes my thoughts by making me feel like I belong in the chaos of my surroundings. And for a brief period, the chaos and I are in balance. It is just me and my art in my own little world, my atelier, where time doesn’t exist, and I can break the rules of everyday life. Through my art, I can downscale problems that are too complex to solve in everyday life. And suddenly these complex issues become manageable and changeable.
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